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Is E-Trade FDIC Insured | Complete Guide

Is E-Trade FDIC Insured The ETRADE Premium Savings Account, which offers a respectably high yield on your deposit, may be a wise alternate for investors who choose Morgan Stanley Private Bank as their portfolio manager. Customers with substantial assets could think about it since it offers twice the standard FDIC insurance coverage.

E*TRADE’s Premium Savings account is a high-yield savings option without a minimum deposit requirement, offering an adequate return and no monthly service fee. Moreover, there is no minimum balance need, as well as so you can obtain the best rate and earn money.

It may be done to open joint and solo accounts. Like other lenders, Morgan Stanley has a six-daily withdrawal limit. Overdraft fees may not be applicable to withdrawals made from

E*TRADE offers up to $500,000 in coverage via a sweep program that deposits your money with various institutions, while most bank accounts give $250,000 in FDIC insurance coverage per depositor, per account ownership type.3. The maximum coverage for joint accounts is $1 million.

Pros and Cons of E*TRADE Savings Accounts


  • High interest rates: Not the highest among high-yield savings accounts, but not far from them.
  • Double FDIC coverage: Stores cash in money market accounts at various banks for up to $500,000 of deposits.
  • Fast access to E*TRADE funds: Instant cash transfer between investing account and outside bank.
  • No minimum balance requirements: Account can be opened and maintained with any amount of money without fees or interest rate tiers.


  • Strict withdrawal limits: Six withdrawals per month, enforced by the Federal Reserve Board.
  • 30-day funding timeline: Funds must be added within 30 days of account opening. Failure may result in account closure.
  • Poor customer satisfaction rating: rated below average in a 2024 J.D. Power survey.
  • Exclusions to expanded FDIC coverage: Contracts with major banks like Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citizens Bank, affecting coverage for large deposits.
Is E-Trade is FDIC Insured

Features E*TRADE: Alternatives for Savings

You can open an ETRADE high-yield savings account anywhere in the country without having to be a current Morgan Stanley or ETRADE customer. High-net-worth people and investors may find the increased FDIC coverage enticing, but E*TRADE offers a lower savings interest rate than certain other banks and credit unions.

Other savings instruments, such as money market accounts or certificates of deposit (CDs), are not offered by ETRADE. It does, however, have an account called Max-Rate Checking, which has an unlimited domestic ATM fee refund policy in addition to a tiny yield.9. Additionally, investors have access to Core Portfolios, an ETRADE investment management product.

Opening an account for checking or savings with the financial institution might facilitate money transfers among your savings account and your investments if you invest with E*TRADE.

Alternatives to E*TRADE Savings Accounts

If you currently use ETRADE’s brokerage services for your investments, the ETRADE Savings Account is a wise option. If not, you might be better off with one of these options:

High-Performance Savings Plan

The interest rates on E*TRADE Savings Accounts are competitive, but the top high-yield savings accounts usually give much greater returns. Numerous also have no monthly fees or minimum deposit requirements.

Treasury Securities

T-bills, notes, and bonds have occasionally offered rates that are competitive with many savings accounts and may provide a comparable degree of security to FDIC-insured monies in a bank account.10

Deposit Certificates (CDs)

As long as you can keep your money in the account for a few months or years, these timed deposit accounts offer some of the best rates for FDIC-insured deposits. Withdrawals from certificates of deposit that are made before they mature typically result in penalties.

Is E-Trade is FDIC Insured

Excessive-Amount Checking Account

Certain checking accounts have interest rates that are almost as high as those of savings accounts, but they usually have additional conditions.

Fintech Investing Banks

Certain fintech micro-investment platforms, such as Acorns, provide checking accounts that automatically round up every purchase you make and deposit the difference into pre-arranged investments.

Compare Savings Account Rates

For investors or anyone with a sizable sum of money to put into savings, E*TRADE offers some intriguing advantages. However, its rates aren’t the best available, so before choosing, weigh your possibilities. View a few more well-known high-yield accounts below.

Is There a High-Yield Savings Account with E*TRADE?

Yes, a high-yield savings account with an APY significantly greater than the national average for typical savings accounts is the E*TRADE Premium Savings account. However, it’s not always the highest; to view the highest rates available, visit this list of the top high-yield savings accounts.

Is E-Trade is FDIC Insured

When Is Interest Paid by E*TRADE Into My Savings Account?

Your daily interest is compounded by E*TRADE, which also pays you interest each month.

Are Transfer Limits Applied to E*TRADE Savings Accounts?

In any given calendar month, you are permitted to take up to six withdrawals or transfers from your savings account. If you remove too much money, your account can be canceled, turned into a checking account, or you might not be able to withdraw money at all.

Are Savings Accounts at E*TRADE FDIC Insured?

Yes, FDIC protection is available for individual accounts at Morgan Stanley Private Bank up to $500,000 and for joint accounts up to $1 million. This exceeds the standard $250,000 since E*TRADE is able to sweep money into partner bank accounts through the Premium Savings Bank Deposits Program for further protection.

Are Transfer Limits Applied to E*TRADE Savings Accounts?

In a month, you can make up to six withdrawals or transfers from your savings account, but excessive withdrawals can lead to account cancellation or inability to withdraw money.

What are the Alternatives to E*TRADE Savings Accounts?

E*TRADE offers competitive interest rates on high-performance savings plans, Treasury Securities, Deposit Certificates, Excessive-Amount Checking Accounts, and Fintech Investing Banks. These accounts provide higher returns, security, and automatic deposit rounding.

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