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How to Cancel aaa Auto Insurance | Complete Guide

How to Cancel aaa Auto Insurance by seeing their agent in person or phoning customer care at 1-877-387-8378.

AAA policyholders cannot cancel their auto insurance online. Rather, consumers must call customer support at 1-877-387-8378 or speak with a representative in person. However, before cancelation, all drivers must ensure that they have a new insurance policy in place.

Drivers may discontinue their AAA insurance at any time.

How to Cancel AAA auto Insurance

You can cancel your American Automobile Association (AAA) vehicle insurance at any time, even if you’ve only recently started a new coverage. If you have paid your subscription in full, AAA will likely reimburse any unused premiums.

To cancel your AAA vehicle insurance coverage, you’ll need your full name, policy number, and cancellation date. When contacting your insurance company, you should inquire about the following:

  • Termination fees: AAA does not say if they impose insurance fees for cancellations, however some past customers reported being charged 10% of their remaining premium.
  • Refund eligibility: Most auto insurance companies will refund leftover premiums if you have purchased your coverage in full. The actual amount may vary, so contact a AAA representative to inquire about potential reimbursements.

When you should cancel your AAA car insurance

Cancelling your AAA auto insurance may be a wise idea if:

  • If you relocated to a different state, AAA may no longer provide coverage.
  • You want to bundle your house and auto insurance with a separate provider (icon).
  • If your annual mileage has decreased and you wish to change coverage, use this symbol.
  • You recently sold your car and do not plan to purchase one in the future.

Instead of canceling your insurance if you’re selling your car but still want to drive, think about obtaining a non-owners coverage. Non-owner insurance generally is less expensive than traditional policies and often covered rental and borrowed automobiles.

For whatever reason, you should always obtain a new auto insurance policy from an entirely new insurance business before quitting your present policy in order to prevent coverage delays and possibly increased rates.

How to Cancel AAA Insurance

The only way to cancel AAA car insurance

You must interact with an insurance agent in person or over the phone in order to terminate your AAA insurance coverage.

Call Customer Support:

The procedure of canceling can be initiated by contacting AAA customer service at 1-877-387-8378.

Visit a AAA branch:

You can also visit your local AAA branch and speak with an insurance agent in person to cancel your insurance coverage.

The AAA website does not allow members to terminate their insurance. To alleviate some of the headache, Jerry’s representatives can assist you through the app with canceling your current AAA insurance and beginning a new one if you’ve already selected a new one.

Is there a AAA cancellation fee?

Customers of AAA are able to cancel their policies whenever they choose. Some users claim to have paid a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the remaining premium, albeit they do not provide the specific amount.
When your renewal period is approaching, think about canceling your coverage to save money.

Does AAA offer reimbursements for early cancellations?

You will be reimbursed for any premiums that you do not use, less any cancellation fees, if you have paid for your AAA insurance coverage in full.

What is the easiest way to cancel insurance?

Contacting a customer care agent over the phone or going in person to see a AAA agent are the simplest ways to terminate your auto insurance. Using the Jerry app to browse for auto insurance and having Jerry representatives handle the cancellation process when you switch carriers is an additional option.

Can I cancel AAA membership and get a refund?

Terminating a AAA membership is not the same as terminating a AAA auto insurance coverage. If you’ve already paid for your subscription in either scenario, though, you should be able to get a refund provided you cancel within 30 days of the renewal or start date.

Can I cancel my insurance by email?

No, AAA policyholders cannot complete a cancellation policy through email. Drivers will need to contact AAA directly, either in-person or over the phone, and provide their name, policy number, and cancellation effective date. 

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